Blocks a single units of content. There several types of them. They can be arranged by using the little grip icon to drag them around. ☝️ Check out some block samples below.

Text Content

The default block is just a simple paragraph containing text content. Text can be easily styled using inline styles. Paragraphs can also be converted to lists or headlines.

  • This is a List Item of an unordered list.
  • Another List Item. List can also be ordered!
  • And a Third One, you get it ...
This is a Table Header
And this are some rows
and some columns
This is a super important and awesome quote! Please read it carefully!
by Me


Easily embed single images. Note that can images and other blocks can be stretched to full width with just a click.

Combine multiple images to a masonry gallery.

Or use the slideshows block to display a selection of images in a carousel.


Just paste any link to YouTube or Vimeo videos, Twitter posts, Soundcloud pages or CodePens to embed them into your page. 

A Button  A Second One

Generate page cards automatically using the pagelist block.

Hello, I'm Automad. 👋 You've have just finished my installation successfully! Now it's time to publish your stories and projects. Sign in to the dashboard to get started.

Sections are blocks that can contain other blocks. They can be styled, have background images and allow for creating complex layouts based on flexbox. And they can be nested! 👏 

Create a list of files defined by one ore more glob patterns using the filelist block.


<div class="title">
    Automad is Awesome!